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SS2017 QUACK QUACK - Our Muse

Meet our muse for our SS2017 collection, Fidella. A best friend of mine, a special hair colourist and entrepreneur. The collection started as I did my post-course with Australia Awards on August in Bali.

The trip extended as I have our best friend's wedding on the weekend, as we have been so busy with work, we decided to extend again for some short vacation.

As we spent the week, I got inspired by the resort mood, summer days, the way my friend picked the styles she liked. And most of all, as I had to went through few occasions in a week, I had to pack pieces that can be worn for each event and look great in pictures!

I had the idea for SS2017 collection to make a range that compiles what I or my muse would have worn through a week of a trip.

The duck was from balinese duck, and as you can see on the prints,

I made a rattan weave pattern too.

I really hope this collection will bring a smile to your days!



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